My birthday is coming up! July 3! I am always touched by the generosity of my fans. Cash tips are always appreciated, but I usually just spend them on boring things. Sending a gift card guarantees that I'm going to get a special treat, and it allows for a more personal touch. Your generosity will always be rewarded! Keep reading to find out all the different kinds of gift card I love to receive! My email address for e-giftcards is:


I love luxury lingerie and I love showing it off in photos and videos! You can help me do that by sending me an email gift card for Agent ProvocateurHoney Birdette or Dolci Follie, my favourite luxury lingerie websites!


I love jewellery! You can help me build my collection by sending me an e-giftcard for H Samuel or Pandora. Or for unique handmade jewellery, Etsy!


I have an Amazon wishlist here!  I try to keep it up to date, but please let me know if you'd like me to add more things to it. I don't have my address associated with my wishlist because there have been leaks of Amazon wishlist addresses in the past. So to buy me something off my wishlist, send me an email gift card for the amount. Then contact me and tell me what you want me to get, and I'll order it and pay with the gift card!


I love trying out new, exciting sex toys and making videos using them! LoveHoney is my website of choice. I have a LoveHoney wishlist here, you can send me a LoveHoney e-giftcard to buy me something from the wishlist, or something of your choosing!


I am currently working on getting a PO box! When I do, you will be able to send me gifts / gift cards through the mail! I'll update this page when I have one!


One of the best gifts you can give me is an e-giftcard for a department store, because I can buy whatever I like: clothes, lingerie, shoes, perfume, jewellery etc! I can buy things online, or I can use your gift card to treat myself to a real shopping trip! My favourite department stores are John Lewis and Selfridges. You can send me a John Lewis e-giftcard, and once I've set up my PO box, you'll be able to send me a physical Selfridges gift card!


I am addicted to perfume! You can help me build up my collection by sending me an e-giftcard for ThePerfumeShop or FragranceNet, or by gifting me a subscription to ScentAndCo, which would send me new mini perfumes every month!


If you have any other gift ideas, or you would like to buy me something specific, just email me at and we can talk about it!

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