Gifts are never expected, but always massively appreciated! Generous spirit will always be rewarded with videos opening and wearing/using your gift! Cash is accepted here, but I prefer gift cards because honestly, unless you tell me something very specific to spend the cash on, I'll just spend it on something boring like savings!


John Lewis is a British department store that sells clothing, shoes, cosmetics, lingerie and more.

Please send a John Lewis e-giftcard to and I'll buy something that makes me happy, or I can buy something specific if you request it!


You can find my Amazon wishlist here. To buy an item off my Amazon wishlist, please send an Amazon e-giftcard to for the amount the item costs, then email/message me to tell me which item you'd like me to buy.


Or you can just send an e-giftcard and let me choose!


LoveHoney is a British sex shop which sells sex toys, bondage equipment, sex clothes, lube etc. I love expanding my collection!


Please send a LoveHoney e-giftcard to and let me know if you want me to choose what to buy, or if you have something specific in mind.


I love perfume, and I'm always looking to expand my collection!


Please send a ThePerfumeShop e-giftcard to and I'll buy something I love!

Alternatively, let me know if you'd like me to buy a specific perfume, I'd love to do that!


Agent Provocateur is a very luxurious lingerie brand and I love it, it makes me feel so fancy!

Please send an Agent Provocateur e-giftcard to and email/message me to let me know if you want me to buy something specific or if you want me to choose!

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