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My birthday is July 3rd and I celebrate all Western/Christian holidays! I find fun, sexy ways to express my gratitude for your generosity, and I usually run gift promotions around my birthday & Christmas!

My email address for e-giftcards is and you can tip/tribute on pretty much all websites I'm on!



I love trying out exciting new sex toys and making videos using them! LoveHoney is my favourite sex toy website. You can send me a LoveHoney e-giftcard to buy something specific you'd like to see me use, or you can let me choose!



I like to go to salons regularly for haircuts, hair removal, facials etc. These treatments make me feel amazing! But the cost of them really adds up. I book my treatments through Treatwell and you can send me a Treatwell e-giftcard here! This gift card can also be used for massages, so if you really want to treat me, send me a gift card and tell me to book a massage!



I love buying clothes to wear in my videos (and in my regular life!) and you can help me expand my wardrobe by sending me an e-giftcard for Zara, Asos, BooHoo, GymShark, or any other clothing store you like!



I love luxury lingerie and I love showing my gratitude by sending you photos and videos of me wearing it! You can help me expand my lingerie collection and look as sexy as possible by sending me an e-giftcard for Agent ProvocateurHoney Birdette or Dolci Follie. The lingerie these companies make is expensive but so incredibly beautiful and so worth it!



I have an Amazon wishlist! I don't always have things on it, because to be honest, there's just not that much stuff I buy from Amazon! But I do add things occasionally! To purchase something from my Amazon wishlist, send me an Amazon e-giftcard and then email me and let me know what you'd like me to buy with the gift card (or if you want me to choose!)

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