$3.99 per minute


I offer pay-per-minute Skype shows on SkyPrivate. Simply click on this link and make a (free) SkyPrivate account. Make sure that the name of your SkyPrivate account matches your Skype name exactly. Then add money to your SkyPrivate account. When you're ready, call me on Skype. $3.99 will be taken out of your SkyPrivate account each minute. If your SkyPrivate account hits $0, the show will automatically stop. Or, if you decide to stop the show, you will stop being charged as soon as you click the "end call" button.


$3.99 per minute


If you'd prefer not to pay-per-minute, you can pay upfront for a certain amount of time. We will start the show, and once your time runs out (with a couple of minutes leeway), we will end the show, or you can purchase more time if you want to keep having fun! You can pay upfront for Skype shows on SkyPrivate, LCMS, CamLust or by emailing me on and asking for the payment link. You  can also pre-book a show if you have a specific date and time in mind, just email me!


I occasionally do webcam shows on CamModels and Chaturbate. If you're interested in those kind of shows, please follow me on Twitter because I always Tweet when I'm going to do a show on one of those websites. However, Skype shows are the only ones I offer on a regular basis.

One of the many perks of a subscription to my OnlyFans is the monthly 1 hour livestream I do. This is included in your subscription, so it's by far the cheapest way to get a live show with me, even if it isn't 1-on-1. There are lots of other perks too! You can see all the perks here!

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