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I offer short, cheap customs (photos, videos and audios) via DM! If you have always wanted custom content where I wear what you want me to wear, say whatever you want me to say and even say your name, but you've never been able to spend $100+ on a full-length custom video, this is an amazing, much cheaper option! You can find more information here.


Whilst I don't have unlimited time, you will certainly get a lot more attention by DMing me on OnlyFans than you would by DMing me on Twitter or elsewhere! Whenever I have spare time, I will be happy to chat to you!


Every single day, I post one piece of explicit/sexy content! Most commonly it is a video made specifically for OnlyFans, but it could also be one of the videos on my clip store, a photoset, an audio MP3 or even a livestream! I have SO many fun, sexy, creative ideas for videos that I've never made because I didn't know where to post them. Now I'll post them here!


Every month, I do a FREE one hour explicit livestream! I do polls asking my fans when they want the show to be and want they want the theme to be, then I do the option which has the most votes, so you'll always have a say! I stream it live for my fans to watch and interact with me in real-time, but it's also recorded and posted to my wall, so don't worry if you miss it!


I get a lot of requests for things like setting femdom tasks, dick ratings, sex/relationship/fetish advice, blackmail roleplay, girlfriend roleplay, advice on getting into the porn industry etc. All of these things will be available via DM for small tips!


As well as the daily explicit content, there is also regular other content too! Fun, light-hearted content where I share my life with you! For example, me eating fun stuff, playing video games, doing Q&As, doing my creative pursuits and hobbies, chatting etc. I've always wanted to share more of the real me with my lovely fans, but I never knew where to post that kind of stuff. Now I'll be posting it here!


All subscribers who have auto-renew turned on and tip me $3 or more at any point during the month will be entered into the monthly raffle! The prize could be anything from a free full-length video from my clip store to a free custom, or maybe even something I don't normally offer, like a free 1-to-1 Skype show or even panties! You get a chance to win every month!


All of these amazing perks are just $12.99 per month, so consider joining now! Remember to turn on "auto-renew" so that you'll be entered into the monthly raffles!

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