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  • What are you studying at university?
    I prefer not to share this, but it's something that I find genuinely fascinating and enjoyable - lucky me!
  • Where are you from?
    England, United Kingdom. I prefer not to get more specific than that. I am white and English with a pretty generic, non-regional English accent!
  • Do you have a boyfriend?
    This is private and honestly, completely irrelevant to my job here, which is to make and sell adult content, not to get dates/boyfriends/love.
  • How do I get to know more about you as a person?
  • Do you do real-life sessions / escort?
    No. I have been working in the adult industry since 2015 and have never once engaged in real-life contact with my fans, and I never will. If you are interested in the reasons why I don't do real-life sessions, please see the "Why don't you do X" FAQ below!
  • Do you make videos with other people?
    No. I have been making videos since 2015 and have never made a single video with another person, male or female, and I think it's extremely unlikely that I ever will. If you are interested in the reasons why I don't make videos with other people, please see the "Why don't you do X" FAQ below!
  • Are you actually into X fetish?
    Well, let's look at it logically. At last count, I had made videos in over 150 different Clips4Sale categories. Some of those categories have a lot of overlap, but I would say I've definitely made videos displaying over 100 unique, distinct fetishes. What is the likelihood that one person would have over 100 different fetishes? That's essentially impossible. So I have to be doing at least some of them purely because my fans like them, order them and pay for them. Whether yours is one of those or a fetish I genuinely have, well... "You have to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?" Additionally, I have made videos that directly contradict one another. I have made videos where I claim to love circumcised penises and find foreskin disgusting. I have also made videos where I claim to love uncircumcised penises, and find circumcised ones unnatural and mutilated. Both cannot be true. I have made videos where I claim to believe that women ought to rule the world and have power over men. I have also made videos where I claim to believe that men should rule over women, and women were born to be men's sex slaves. Both cannot be true. Those are just two examples out of dozens. How can I possibly believe everything I say in my videos, when many of them directly contradict one another? Thirdly, the vast majority of my videos are custom videos, meaning that the customer has provided a script (or at least an outline of what they would like me to say), and paid me to make it. How can my videos be a reflection of my views, when the views I express in the vast majority of my videos have been written for me by the customer? And finally, does it matter? I'm a good actor by all accounts, I've had hundreds of messages over the years from people convinced that I actually have their fetish because they watched a video of mine about it and I just seemed so "into it" I couldn't possibly be acting. That's awesome! As long as you can believe the fantasy long enough to enjoy my videos and get off, nothing else matters! If you find yourself unable to believe my performance, then I'm not the actor for you. If you find yourself unable to shake yourself out of the fantasy after getting off, or you find your fantasy leaking into your real life, I would suggest taking a short break from consuming porn and, if available/affordable to you, seeking professional help.
  • Why don't you do X?
    This includes why I don't do certain fetishes (anymore), why I don't offer certain services (e.g., real-life sessions, escorting, selling panties), why I don't make videos with other people and all similar enquiries. The answer is: Because I have made the decision not to do it. I promise you, I have good reasons that make sense to me and make me feel secure in the decision I've made. If you are asking out of pure curiosity, I'm sorry I can't satisfy it! I'm a curious cat too, so I totally understand that. However, many people ask my reasons so that they can argue against them, and try to convince me to do something I don't want to do. If you are one of these people, please understand, respect and accept my 'no'. Responses to the word "No" which include phrases like "Why not?", "That's a shame/pity" or attempts to change my mind are quite frustrating and upsetting to me. "Why not" makes it feel like I have to justify my boundaries in order for them to be accepted, when "No" is a complete sentence and should be accepted on its own. "That's a shame/pity" implies that my having boundaries and sticking to them is disappointing to you, and that my work would be more sexually gratifying to you if I didn't have boundaries, or violated them for you. While that may be true, it's just not nice to make people feel like that. Attempts to change my mind are evidence that you don't care about my boundaries at all and would like me to break them and cause myself potential psychological harm for your sexual gratification, which makes me fear you and not want to interact with you in any way, shape or form.
  • How can I guarantee you accept my custom video request?
    You can't! But here's some tips for improving your chances: - Either request a shorter video (5-10 minutes), or request a longer video that has natural edit points. Talking for 25 minutes without messing up is borderline impossible, so if you're requesting a longer video like that, put a natural break in the story every few minutes, so I can stop and regroup. For example, maybe I leave the frame room to get another toy or piece of equipment, maybe I move positions, or there is a time-skip. - Don't request several room changes. Videos that involve moving from bedroom to living room to kitchen to bathroom are nice in that they have lots of natural edit breaks, but they also involve lugging around 3 huge lights, a camera, a microphone, a camera table, my laptop and any toys/equipment used in your video from room to room, including up and down stairs. This takes time and energy that I often don't have, so this makes a rejection more likely.
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